IPAC Public Service Awards Presented to Northerners

YELLOWKNIFE, NWT (June 3, 2015)

The First Annual Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration and the IPAC/ Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award were presented at the annual Premiere’s Awards ceremony at the Legislative Assembly on June 3, 2015.

Mr. Peter Vician, Deputy Minister of the GNWT’s Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment is the recipient of the first annual Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Public Administration.

This IPAC NWT Regional Group award recognizes a public sector practitioner whose career exhibits the highest standard of excellence, dedication and accomplishment. It highlights the achievements of an outstanding individual who – by practice, in writings or through other endeavours – has made a significant contribution to the field of public administration in the Northwest Territories.

This year’s winner, Peter Vician has clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership skills, innovation, accomplishments and values throughout his public service career. He is an engineer by trade, and has played an integral role in the establishment of the Department of Industry, Tourism and Investment and led his department through the implementation of Devolution.

Matt Young, Chair IPAC NWT Regional Group, Peter Vician, Recipient of the 2015 Commissioner’s Award of Excellence in Public Administration and the Honourable George L. Tuccaro, Commissioner of the Northwest Territories (Photo Credit: Chasing Light Studio, Tara Marchiori)

Also on June 3rd, the 2014 Single Window Service Centres, GNWT Department of the Executive were presented with the Bronze IPAC/ Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award. This IPAC National award, sponsored by Deloitte, recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada through advancements in public policy and management. The awards recognize organizations that embrace new opportunities and take innovative approaches in pursuit of better outcomes.

The Single Window Service Centres were initiated across the NWT to provide government services to remote communities. The Centres employ local staff and operate in ways that respect Aboriginal culture and offer in-home visits. With 18 Centres now open across the territory, the Centres are a landmark example of effective decentralization of government programs and services.

The IPAC NWT Regional Group congratulates all award recipients and nominees.

Single Window Service Centre staff receving the Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Award from the Honourable Bob McLeod, Premier of the Northwest Territories and Charles Perron, Public Sector Leader, Deloitte Canada (Photo Credit: Chasing Light Studio, Tara Marchiori)


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