2016 Regional Group Excellence Award

IPAC-NWT is proud to have been recently presented with the IPAC Regional Group Excellence Award for its work hosting the 2016 Northern Governance Conference (NGC).

IPAC-NWT’s Jamie Koe (centre-Left) and Sherry Lovely (centre-right) are flanked by David Morhart, IPAC President (left) and Michelle H. Snow, 2nd Vice-President and Chair of the Regional Group Council (right) at the award ceremony in Toronto.

Held March 1-3, 2016, the NGC provided a forum for officials from federal, territorial, Indigenous, and municipal governments to network, share successes, and lay the groundwork for future partnership and collaboration.

“The conference offered IPAC-NWT an opportunity to demonstrate to all officials with an interest in government administration how our programming can support them in their work,” said Christian Bertelsen, NGC Chair and IPAC-NWT Past-Chair. “We certainly hope the NGC leads to other future partnerships among its participants.”

The Tony Hunt Kwakiutl carving is awarded annually to a Regional IPAC group that exhibits excellence in its endeavours while exemplifying the ideals and objectives of the Institute’s Mission.

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