Northern Public Policy Book Review Forum

The NWT Regional Group has established a Northern Public Policy Book Review Forum and is looking for prospective authors to complete book reviews on any works (books, theses or dissertations) with implications for Public Servants, Public Service and Public Policy in the NWT in particular.

Since its founding in 1947, IPAC has espoused and promoted the ideals of public service from coast to coast to coast in Canada as well as around the world. The purpose of the NWT Regional Group is to nurture excellence in public service in the Northwest Territories. One avenue for achieving excellence is through the continual integration of relevant public policy or academic study into the field of public administration. Indeed, public servants and academics are often the key authors and/or readers of such literature. As such, the NWT Regional Group is looking to draw upon its members’ penchant for continual learning and invite book reviews on matters relevant to our fields of study and practice.

At this moment in time, the North has once again become of great cultural interest: as a site of considerable importance to pressing questions of sovereignty; as a key site in the changing face of governance, as a key site in the discourses of climate change; as an untapped and increasingly accessible field of natural resources; as a key site of Canadian policy-making; as a key site of nascent and increasing transportation pathways; and, following the Third International Polar Year activities, as a site of renewed scientific research and funding.

We invite book reviews that address matters of Northern Public Administration and Policy including but not limited to:

  • Northern Governance
  • Policy-making in the North
  • Accountability